5 Ways to Update Your Bathroom for Less

By Barbara Pronin

"These days," says California bathroom designer Ted Reedy, "you can spend
$15,000 or more to remodel an outdated bathroom. But while a trendy bath
appeals to buyers and ultimately adds value to your home, you can achieve a
fresh new look and improve functionality while spending whole lot less."

Reedy suggests five ways to improve your old bathroom without spending any more
than you need to:

Reface vanity/cabinets -
You can give bathroom cabinets and/or vanity a
whole new look by refacing - not replacing - the old, tired-looking front
surfaces. Refacing will cost just a third of the replacement cost and add new
life to the room.

Add a stylish sink - Consider an integrated sink, which has no edges or
hangovers from the countertop to the sink, or a bowl sink, which sits above the
countertop, for between $150-$500. Even installing a shiny new chrome faucet
and/or porcelain handles can be a smart and stylish small investment.

Change the lighting - Improve your bathroom's look and feel by replacing
those glaring overhead lights. Accent lighting, such as canister lights
installed in the ceiling, or track lighting installed over the sink, will
improve functionality and appearance at a very reasonable cost.

Update the flooring -Replacing vinyl tiles or linoleum with porcelain,
ceramic or natural stone tiles is a cost-effective and savvy investment. Choose
simple tile designs you can install yourself or have professionally installed.

Change the shower head - Turn your shower into an oasis you will enjoy
by updating your shower head with a rain head. They can cost as little as $100
and the small investment can be a real turn-on to buyers when the time comes to

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