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Expo Square


Expo Square - Tulsa Vision 2025

Expo Square

Expo Square will begin Phase 3 of their improvement program with funds received from Vision 2025. The Capital Improvements Agreement has been approved. Design work is underway on the new Central Plant and the new Equine arena (North Arena), and construction contracts for the Expo building roof replacement and ventilation improvements have been awarded.

Planned projects include:

New livestock barn

Replace the present Exchange Center with a new 82,000 square foot facility

Construct a new livestock barn

Enlarge and update the present North Arena

Add portable seating in the Livestock Arena

Enclose area under the Grandstand, creating a facility for events

Replace the aging Central Plant system

Renovation of Expo Center restrooms

Parking enhancement

When further information is available, it will be posted on this website.

Project: Expo Roof Replacement
Status: Design work is well underway on the identified projects, with some preliminary bid packages already awarded on the EXPO building.
Maximum Allocation: $ 2 Million
Project Description: :

The roof of the Expo building has reached its useful life and is being replaced. It was installed in the 1970's and received significant hail damage during a recent storm. Roof replacement will entail the removal of existing membrane and insulation then a new rigid insulation board will be attached to the ?roof deck? and a new single ply roof membrane will be installed.

The monitor along the ridge of the roof will be modified to enhance ventilation within the building, particularly during motorized events such as the annual Chili Bowl. Damper and louvers will be installed along the north and south faces of the monitor and perimeter walls. The intent is to enhance natural ventilation to bring fresh air into the building and to exhaust the noxious fumes out at the monitor level. There are fans present in the monitor now and may be utilized as specific events require to assist in evacuating noxious fumes from the building.

Architect / Engineer for Expo Vision 2025 Projects: Matrix Architects Engineers Planners, Inc.


Project: Livestock Arena
Status: Design work is well underway on the identified projects.
Project Description: :

Portable seating in the Livestock Arena will be added with funds from Vision 2025. Much of the work done to date was funded from 4-to-Fix funds.


Pavilion modification
Status: Design work is well underway on the identified projects.
Project Description: :

Pavilion improvements to date have been funded by a Tulsa County excise tax on goods purchased out of state and a $1 per ticket surcharge paid by those who attend events at Expo Square. Additional exhibit and show modifications are under consideration and discussion.