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Broken Arrow Parks


Broken Arrow Parks - Tulsa Viosion 2025

Broken Arrow Community Center and Swimming Pool at Nienhuis Park

Up until the past few years, most of Broken Arrow's growth has been in the south and southwest portion of the city. And while those areas continue to grow, the new trend in hot development  both residential and commercial is in the north and northeast.

A vital cog in Broken Arrow's residential explosion has been its quality of life. There is not a single quadrant of the community, which is not built around families. One of the reasons so many of those families are now calling Broken Arrow ?home? is its commitment to parks and recreation programs and facilities.

Broken Arrowans turned out in a strong showing of support for Vision 2025 knowing that they would receive a direct benefit, and receive it quickly. Nienhuis Park, a 109-acre site between Albany (61st) and Omaha (51st), just east of Lynn Lane, was already being developed as a multi-faceted facility. A Youth/Community Center was planned and under construction, funded by a bond issue passed by city voters in 2000. Partially funded in that same area was a youth football complex.

There were not, however, enough funds to forge ahead with Phases II and III of the community center project. Nor was there funding for a much-needed swimming facility in that part of the community.

When voters approved Vision 2025 that funding became a reality. Now, rather than waiting several years for the right timing to ask approval for another bond issue, City leaders are already finalizing plans and moving forward with the next steps in development of Nienhuis. An all-purpose facility and a gym will join the Youth/Community Center. A swimming pool will be added. While all of these will benefit the entire city, they will be of particular help to the growing population in north and northeastern portions of Broken Arrow.

The BA Parks & Recreation Department manages more than 800 acres of public land. Included are 38 parks, three outdoor swimming pools, the recreation center at Central Park (which serves as a Community Center for meetings, crafts shows, etc.), 16 outdoor tennis courts, 14 lighted softball fields, 16 lighted baseball fields, seven lighted and 18 unlighted soccer fields.

The youth football program currently uses some parks facilities for flag football and public school facilities for tackle. When the new complex at Nienhuis is completed, young tackle teams from all over Broken Arrow and the Tulsa Metro area will enjoy one of the finest facilities for that sport anywhere.

A drive further east into Nienhuis will take you from the active sports to the passive sports that have become so popular in Broken Arrow. There will be jogging and walking trails, and many ways to simply enjoy nature.

Broken Arrow's parks also provide areas for entertainment programs in various parts of the city. The Indian Springs Sports Complex serves as the site of the annual Glory Daze 4th of July celebration. Central Park hosts a variety of musical concerts and Rooster Days in May. Jackson Park will have a small amphitheater.

Broken Arrowans of past decades had a vision for their community and laid the foundation for the quality of life enjoyed here today. Now Broken Arrowans of today created their own vision for the future in their support of Vision 2025, and will be leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Project: Broken Arrow
Status: The Broken Arrow City Council has approved the interlocal agreement between the City of Broken Arrow and Tulsa County. The agreement has been forwarded to Tulsa County's legal counsel for Tulsa County signatures. Once the agreements have been executed, the City of Broken Arrow is prepared to enter into A/E contract with Gralla Architects for design for the Community Center phase of this project. An RFP has been prepared for A/E consultant selection for the swimming pool phase of this project.
Maximum Allocation: $ 6 million
Project Description: :

One of the most important contributions a City can make to the quality of life is providing places for families to get together -- instead of leaving them with too few options for "playing together and staying together."

Broken Arrow community leaders and voters have throughout the years supported this concept with the planning, funding and action to provide the best in park and recreation facilities.

Broken Arrow Parks and Recreation Department manages over 802 acres of public land, which includes 38 parks, 4 outdoor swimming pools, 1 recreation center, 16 outdoor tennis courts, 14 lighted softball fields, 16 lighted baseball fields, and 7 lighted and 18 unlighted soccer fields.

The addition of a 109-acre site for the city's second largest park, Nienhuis Park (east of Lynn Lane between 61st and 51st) provides the opportunity to bring even more recreational programs and facilities to our citizens.

A Master Plan has been designed for the new Nienhuis Park in Broken Arrow. That park will include a new Youth/Community Center and a Youth Football Complex, in addition to many traditional "passive" park options, such as walking, jogging, etc. Work has already begun on the center, and funding will be provided through the Vision 2025 sales tax passed by Tulsa County voters in September to add new phases to the project in Nienhuis Park, including an aquatic facility and trade show center.

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